Can You Volunteer at Summer Camp With Tattoos?

Hello and welcome to There’s No Place Like Summer Camp. I’m your host, Andrew Waterhouse, and in today’s episode we’re taking a look at whether you can do camp America with tattoos. So, come on in to our tent, and I’ll spill the beans.

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of, There’s No Place Like Summer Camp. We are here in a Friday episode where we answer your questions about volunteering for summer camp.

Project Update: Blogs

Just before I begin, I have an update for you, regarding the general state of where There’s No Place Like Summer Camp is and any sort of projects I’m doing on the side for the show and the book website. Now this one is particularly around the website because one thing that I’ve noticed that I’m really maybe missing out on is getting the word of, There’s No Place Like Summer Camp out there. Now I’ve made some changes in regards to how the blogs are going to be working from now on, on the website, because they seem to be. It’s a bit of a strange situation but a lot of people search for things around camp America and volunteering for summer camp, but the way the podcasts are, it can be pretty hard to look at a podcast first before you go to Google, a lot of these questions you’ll be googling.

Now, one of the things that Google somewhat lacks at the moment is being able to take a look at a podcast episode or some sort of audio and push that towards a user, rather than push them towards a standard blog or news article type of thing. So, going forward, the announcement is. We’re going to be transcripting, every episode of There’s No Place Like Summer Camp, which is a bit weird at the moment because as I’m saying this is going to be transcripted into a blog post itself.

There’s quite a backlog of episodes that have to go through and work through so they’re not probably going to be all up to date at the same time. But just to keep you all aware. There’s No Place Like Summer Camp is going to have a better presence on the internet, a better presence on Google in particular because all the episodes will have some text-based content and when you search the sorts of questions or any of the other episodes that I’ve done already, they’ll pop up a lot more frequently, and it’s going to be a little bit of a manual process I think. And you’re going to have to kind of bear with me on that front.

It was something that I did initially do so write some of the earlier episodes of There’s No Place Like Summer Camp. They do have their own blog articles but I found that it was taken up a little bit too much time to do the episodes every week, as well as writing them up, and then working on the book as well. But I think I’m in a position now where I found a really good tool that will help me for this so just to keep you all up to date.

There’s No Place Like Summer Camp, is going to be having text-based blog posts going forward, and hopefully, that will get the name out there. So if you think anyone will benefit from these podcasts, the website and all that sort of thing please recommend them. It’s very much appreciated as well as any reviews on podcast apps because that really helps get the name out there, helps the podcast bump itself up a bit if it’s got some reviews, and I’d really appreciate all feedback.

Camp America and Tatoos

Now, onto this week’s question, because every Friday is a questions episode. This is can you do camp America with tattoos, so let’s get on to the question.

So doing Camp America with tattoos totally applies to actually all the agencies out there, it’s not just Camp America it’s not just Camp Leaders or BUNAC, it applies to them all, and pretty much the long and short of it is that every camp has their own dress code.

For example, camps are going to have their own dress code on the clothing that is worn. That has to be appropriate for walking with children, it makes total sense. And this extends also to tattoos. It also extends to things like piercings. It totally depends on the camp they make their own rules for their kids, some don’t care as long as your tattoos aren’t offensive, but some may ask that piercings are removed and tattoos, get covered.

Now, in your interview with camp, they will make a mention of these types of things if they see this sort of thing that’s on your summer camp profile when you’re creating your profile in camp America or any of those other agencies. If they see something that’s in your profile that they have particular rules around the person interviewing you is definitely going to make a note of that and make sure to tell you like oh by the way we have this rule in our account that means tattoos have to be covered, or you’re okay with this, and that sort of thing.

So, when you apply through your summer camp agency there is a part in your profile section, when you fill this sort of stuff out. It’s kind of similar to the smoking question that I had a few weeks back. So if you haven’t checked that episode out already, make sure you do if you’re smoking at summer camp. There’s a whole episode on whether you can smoke while working at camp. Click to learn more about the smoking episode here.

Why do camps have rules about tattoos?

There is a reason for this as well because it’s not just the camps themselves that make these roles just plucking them out of the air. Some parents can actually get a bit funny about seeing staff with loads of tattoos and piercings because it sends off a different kind of message to someone without these sort of things. But the long story short, is, if these are on your summer camp profile when you’re applying for summer camps, then your camp director will already know what sort of person they’re hiring what sort of things they have, and what you’re coming with, so don’t worry it’s not that big of a deal if you are applying to volunteer at summer camp with tattoos.

Now as we close this podcast off, I have a very special announcement for Tuesday’s episode because it’s a change of schedule. In Tuesday’s episode we have a very special interview. I should leave it there. I’ll see you on Tuesday. It’s going to be a really good episode. Trust me, I cannot wait to share it with you all.

So, till the next time campers.


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