51% and Massive Life Updates

Transcript from the podcast episode

Surprise surprise! Hi everyone! And surprise!

Obviously you can tell from the audio recording but not in the office today doing the usual podcast location but surprise I’m here! You can hear the anxiety pulsing through my veins as I’m recording outside in the general public where anyone can hear me. But I’ve come out of the crack of dawn at 8:45 but surprise it’s another episode of There’s No Place Like Summer Camp. It’s good to be back, man.

The whole situation with the podcast is basically, what we’re going to be doing is having special episodes from here on out really. It’s gone from being the weekly or bi-weekly shows where we are now with episodes that are on a special occasion.

So why am I here today?

I thought you know what, it’s been a while since I last did a recording. The last episode was with Maisie Craddock, the YouTuber, where we did that interview, and it was really cool to be featured on her channel. So I hope you enjoyed that episode. But I’m here today with something a little different. It’s not so much of an interview. This is just more of a sort of a life update. Check-in with you guys, to surprise you this Monday, with a podcast episode while you’re doing whatever you’re doing.

So yeah, we’re here with a special episode. Sort of like a touch-base episode, shall I say? We’re just gonna be like talking about what’s been going on talking about what’s been going on both in my life and what’s going on with the podcast and the book. And I’ve got some cool updates to come.

So what’s been going on with me? Well, I’ve become a dad!

It’s been a mental few months. While all this quietness is happening on the podcast front. We’ve got a new child in the mix, say. So I’ve become a dad since the last podcast and it’s it’s a big change in your life, man. It’s big. It’s a hefty change. Becoming a dad is mental. You know that there. There are videos out there. If you go to Andrewwaterhouse.com You can go to my blog, you’ll be able to see my reaction to being told that I was going to be a dad and the surprise on my face was like, wait, what?!

But yeah, she’s here now Rosie is here. And it’s been she’s coming up to six months old now which is mental. I don’t know when that will last podcast I recorded was but it was definitely before she was born. So yeah, it’s a big uphill learning curve. The first couple of months are brutal on the on both of us really. It’s a lot of learning a lot of responsibility, a lot of buying things. But to be honest, over the course of the six months, Rosie has been absolutely fantastic baby to have. She’s really brought the families together both sides. Being the first grandchild on both sides, so she gets absolutely spoiled with kisses and hugs and gifts and you name it, but she’s been around Angel.

So, yeah, basically that’s been a massive change sneakily six months old now. And we’re getting into that with sort of routine. And we have been for a short while to be honest, where I’m more settled in my job. And I’ve got more of the routine sort of hunkered down with who does what chores and who’s the best at putting her to sleep and sort of exchanging that information as well. So we can both be really good at all things. And it’s been quite cool, to be honest, being a parent, because it’s the small things where you’re like, oh my God she rolled herself over today! And that’s massive news as a parent, massive news. Every tiny little thing you’re absolutely flabbergasted by so this week, for instance, she’s started to do this wriggle sort of dance, where she, she’ll wriggle while she’s on her back, almost like she’s dancing. Yeah, so every little thing that she does, you’re just like, stunned and amazed by and then you sort of forget, it’s apparent that they’re actually a human being. They’re going to be doing human being things and, you know, eventually, she’s going to start talking, start crawling, start walking, having a job, going to school, getting grades for things, maybe scoring a goal in a football team or something like that. It’s just like another world. You just think holy shit, all these little things that this person’s doing is something that I made. Yeah, but it’s been great.

Possible future podcast: Thoughts on sending my child to be a camp counsellor one day

I think we’re gonna probably do, there’s probably a whole other podcast discussion on sort of what it’s like to consider about your child going to summer camp. Do I want Rosie to go to summer camp? Do I want her to go to scouts and cubs in the UK, which is sort of the most similar experience to camp America as you get in the UK. But do I want her to go and volunteer and go and do all of those things? It’s definitely worth a podcast discussion about. But anyway, being great news on that front, a lot of changes you can expect.

I’ve become a homeowner: Renovations and floods!

So, at the same time, as Rosie has come about, there’s been an update on the house. So you’ll, you’ll learn that this period has been so much change in my life. So we purchased the house and didn’t mean for it to happen this way. But we purchased a renovation project, a semi-detached three bedroom house. And we got there, I think the month or the couple of weeks after Rosie was born. So for the past six months or so, we’ve been having to renovate the house alongside Rosie being around, we still haven’t moved in yet six months down the line. But hopefully within the month, next month or two we’ll be in settled.

It’s been a massive job with her on that front as well. So we talking kitchen renovations to rewiring to gas leaks to two water leaks that flooded the house. responsibilities, man, I prefer the days of going to summer camp and just not having bills to pay and all those things. That’s been a massive change as well. So having that having our own house, we’ve always been renting and to finally be able to buy a house do it up, make it the way we wanted as well. It’s gonna be a massive change in our lives.

I was going to record this episode as a video podcast, but I thought you know what, rein it in, get that adrenaline down, calm down. I get so excited when I’m doing these podcasts. Get off your high horse and not do a video podcast out in public when you can barely talk in public.

So with the new house, we’re going to be having an office that’s one of the rooms that I was like if we get in this house, this room is going to be my office. I work from home a lot. So you might have seen in previous podcasts or YouTube clips that I’ve done. I’ve got a had an office at the previous place. And I’ve got a Camp America shrine with my Camp America shirts, put up in a display box. So every time I walk into my office, I see those camp shirts, and I remember all of those memories of how good it really was with a couple of photos of the boys alongside so I wanted a similar place in my new house. The new house is so much bigger and more appropriate for what we’re going to be doing. Both in terms of bringing up a family, but also working from home having that space and it as a large semi-detached home. So I guess we got to make that office a really cool place. And it all also probably ends up with me having some sort of studio space.

New Studio Podcasting Space

So we’re going to have like a good recording setup. And I think in the next future special episodes, I’m going to make them video based. So I know, Spotify and other podcast platforms are pushing for the video, podcasting space. So watch out for that soon as well. So we’ve got the studio, we’ve got a house, we’ve got a child, is there anything else that’s been cracking on in the back of my mind keeping me occupied?

Changing jobs too

Yes, change of jobs, throw that into the mix. So I’ve got a bit frustrated at the last job with lack of opportunity and feeling like I’m like pulling the whole team. And without me the sort of Team collapsed and things like that. So long story short, I was looking very sparingly at job positions. Operations Manager is my current title. And I was just looking for similar soft positions, found one applied for one and got the job. And it was so out of the blue, because normally, I’m so used to applying for jobs. And I’m sure a lot of you can sort of empathize with this if you’re applying for tons of jobs. And people say oh, you’re not experienced enough or, you’re not quite suited for this role. And you end up applying for hundreds and hundreds of jobs. But I’m at a place in my life now where I’m fucking 30 years old, still talking about summer camp, you know. But at 30, you sort of have that experience behind you now.

So I’ve got a couple of years of experience doing operations manager positions. And basically what I do is stuff to do with web design. So I won’t bore you with details. So web design agency, Operations Manager is my background. And yeah, basically, I’ve been, I applied for like one or two jobs and got a job. And I was like, Oh, shit, I didn’t really it wasn’t really seriously considering a move, but I got the job and soon moved on… the pay is 25% extra helped. So it’s kind of like an offer too good to refuse. But here we are. And it’s a really good position. Really good growth. And it means that I can provide for my family, while we’re in this transitional period of buying a house and raising a child.

Experience is paying off!

But all fun and games and, you know, experience brings. So speaking of websites and stuff, there are significant changes to this website too. There’s been an overhaul to how we appear in Google now. So every podcast even this one, as I talk is going to be transcribed into a blog post. So people who are searching for things like ‘Can I go to Camp America when I’ve got tattoos’ that will be translated by my bot into a blog post. (Yes you can by the way, read more here) And away we go. We get some more views and people so I’ve seen real growth in the podcast. If you don’t follow me already on Twitter, @androow09.

You might have seen I was really proud of the stats on Spotify. Recently, I had a like an end of year podcasters insights, email come in from Spotify. But how the podcast was doing and it was like 400% growth in 2022 which is like shit like these are serious numbers. So I do appreciate all of your guys support.

51% off There’s No Place Like Summer Camp at Amazon for Prime Day

One of the things that I wanted to bring up in this episode is a really good special offer for you guys this week. Monday, this coming week, because we’ve got Prime Day on Amazon. I think it’s the 12th and 13th of July 2023, of course. So Prime Day is coming up and I thought, let’s hop on this, let’s provide content for you guys at a cheaper rate. So I’ve knocked off  51%. I think it’s just the e-book. But if you want to go check that out, go on to Amazon or go here. And you can get the Kindle version of the book for I think it’s £3.99.

I’m quite excited to hear what people think of the book. And if you have given it a read, or if you buy it or, you know, take advantage of the 51% off. Please do leave a review! It really does help.

Camp America have their own podcast – my seat is still warm!

One of the things I wanted to talk about in today’s episode is I’ve seen Camp America are doing their own fucking they’re doing their own fucking podcast what’s going on now? What’s going on? I go away for like a few months. And they hop it. They hop straight on. And, yeah, they started to do their own podcast. So it’s kind of interesting. I popped them a tweet on Twitter. So Camp America, if you’re listening, go check your tweets. I did tweet. Yeah. Because I saw the launch tweet that basically said, Oh, we’ve got a podcast now. I was like, what?!

I’m currently here walking around at 9am with my there’s no place like summer camp t-shirt on so if you haven’t got that already. Go check that out. I do have a merch store that’s available.

Content, Book, Podcast traction

It’s been what is 2023 now so it’s been nine years since I last went to camp. But it’s only been like, one year since the book was released. And for all that content of podcast episodes and website and merchandise stores, good to finally see a bit of traction coming along. So I hope you enjoy the updates to my life, the podcasts, the website, you’ve got the merch store as well. You’ve also got the 51% off the book for this week. It’s only this week, by the way.

My Prime Day Wishlist: A Fridge vending machine

I’ve been looking forward to this Prime Day for a while. And what I’m going to be picking up in this Prime Day is actually a Kindle Paperwhite base, the kid’s version, apparently is supposed to be more value for money. So I’m going to be grabbing a Kindle that’s got a backlit screen and Natasha is going to love that. Because my current setup for reading books at night involves a neck light that goes around the back of my neck with two little pronged, like light bulbs coming out of each side of my neck. Even though it says it focuses the light onto the book, it’s nothing quite like a backlit screen, sort of similar to how you get on a phone. So that’s what I’m going to be picking up during the Prime Day sales. I’m also looking at a gym, a home gym, maybe getting a rowing machine, maybe a running machine.

There are some other bits for the house, I want to get like a vending they get they’ve got these like, you know, when you go to a vending machine, and they’ve got the cans of Coke or whatever in the machine and you see them push the coke to the front after you push the numbers in and give you money. However, they’ve got something similar for a fridge. So I’ve been getting all this nice technology and appliances and new things for the house. We’ve got carpets coming in in the next couple of weeks, we’ve got a carpenter coming around to fix these words that I’ve never heard of like architraves. And yeah, it’s one of those things that I want to pick up in Prime Day sales, is they’ve got these vending machines, sort of like cam pushers for your fridge. So I’ve got a massive-ass like floor-to-ceiling fridge now. And I want to put in this vending machine pusher for cans of Coke. So I’m like sort of dedicating a whole row of fridge to coke.

How to see updates from me and rumours of second book

I’d say just keep an eye on my socials. Keep an eye on the website as well. And hearing you share the pod is really good for me to hear you guys love it. It’s only been like one year since the book was released. I do often get get asked when’s the second one coming, because I went to summer camp twice. That has been started, but the first book took so many years to create and edit and polish. I think you’d really see it if you especially if you buy the paperback version when you have in your hand. It’s a thick, chunky boy. And it’s not like I’ve used big fonts. These are small ass fonts. Small class fonts with a big chunky book. That’s how I like them.

The second book is, has been sort of started on it’s very early days, but it does take years to publish a book. It can’t be something I just rush out because then it just doesn’t make sense. My first few versions of the book were bad and it took time to get them right.

I DO have a second book – The Fly Who Flew Too High!

Oh, I haven’t done a podcast about my other released book! So it’s kind of not related to summer camp at all. That might be why I might not have mentioned it. So I’ve actually released the second book. So when Rosie was born, I released a book dedicated to her, called The Fly Who Flew Too High. It’s £6.99 for a paperback version, which is like the standard price for a kid’s book. It’s a picture book of a fly, who wakes up one morning in a very loud garden and gets fed up of all of his neighbours, making noise and waking him up. So he decides to fly away, and he flies up into the sky, and then he goes higher and higher, and he keeps going. And then he busts through the atmosphere, and starts flying around space and the solar system, and he goes and visits different planets. It’s a fun, original story that had always been on my mind for a couple of years. If you want to go check that out, if you’ve got kids of your own, check below. It’s got really good reviews!

The Fly Who Flew Too High – available on Amazon.

Approaching Middle-Age

It’s crazy, I’m at the age now where all of the work is starting to pay off doing these podcasts and making the effort of recording every week and optimizing the website. Having the books out there, it creates the audience and then I get support from you guys. And it’s I don’t know, it’s really nice to see that. The belief that I sort of had to have in myself to release all this content is starting to pay off. And I think tears.

If you ever go to my blog, You see I ramble quite a lot about working hard, or mental health struggles, or, as a lot of things like just ramblings of a madman a little bit on that. And to see that, projects that I’ve always had a passion for starting to sort of pay off, as I’m like at my mid-life at the minute. 30 years old, you know, people live to say 80. So I’ve got like 10 years left. And so I don’t know, I’m on the way down, literally. That’s if you are lucky! Wow, that’s a bit morbid for 9am on a Sunday morning.

Tips for improving your mental health

Anyway, so it’s nice, you know, it feels like I feel like there’s a lot of pressure in society at the minute where you’re having to compare yourself to others and I don’t know. Yeah, it’s when you’re comparing yourself to others, it doesn’t get you anywhere, you have to just compare yourself to who you were before. And no one can compete with you and what you are doing. That was a really big lesson that I learned through reading books and educating myself and looking at the habits that have and really honing in on positive habits. And one of the positive habits as all of you know, is read books. No one says oh if you want to get yourself out of a mental health struggle, go watch some TV or go play video games. No one says that… they always say read books.

So it’s nice to see that you guys support me with that. So I’d like to thank you for purchasing right thank you for tweeting me the messages that I get and Facebook messages as well. I don’t even have a Facebook presence. I never push the Facebook following because I don’t like Facebook at all. Facebook was one of the really bad habits that I found was draining my mental health. The only Facebook presence for this site is a Facebook page, only to do some paid advertising, which doesn’t really work. No one wants to ads. So I much prefer to do podcasts and content and interviews and blog posts and that sort of thing.

The Avengers of stress and adulting: Baby, House, Job

I don’t know when our next year, like I say, a lot going on in my life at the minute, not meaning to brag or anything. It’s just, you know, sometimes these things just come at once. Here I am having a newborn, a new house, which is also a renovation in brackets, and also a new job. So it’s like the trifecta of stress. It’s like almost it’s almost the Avengers of stress, you know, you just bring in the fucking Super Villains together. And that’s what I’ve got going on at the minute.

But I can see the way out. there are some times during all of this, where I was just like, What am we doing? Why are we doing all this at the same time and it didn’t really meant it was never meant to happen this way. But sometimes that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Eight MagPies Means for a Wish!

Whoa, I’ve got seven magpies in front of me. I’m not one for superstitions, but the magpies man every time every time. 1..2…34567…8! No way. Oh my god, you’re getting this breaking news there. I’ve got eight magpies in front of me. So I’ve got one for superstitions but the magpies thing I don’t know why it’s stuck with me and this is gonna be a fun ending so I’m going to find out what eight magpies means. I bet some people maybe the Gen Z of you who have no idea what I’m talking about okay so I’m having a look let me just try this out Magpie meaning numbers.

So you’ve got the one for sorrow, two for joy, three for a girl, or four for a boy. Five for silver, six for gold, seven for a secret never to be told… ah eight is for a wish. Okay, so what am I going to wish for? What would you wish for? Wish for summer camp? I don’t know. It’s good to hang out with you guys.

Camp Wildfire – the UK summer camp for adults

Speaking of wishing for summer camp. It dawned on me I’m sure I’ve mentioned it in previous episodes. For the Camp Wildfire, who was on Dragon’s Den? A couple of years ago now, but basically it was on the UK Dragon’s Den, someone came up with the idea of doing adults summer camp. experiences for people. And I don’t think they got funding in the end. Spoiler alert. But it’s always played on my mind, like, Ah, how nostalgic and how cool would it be? But it’s just full of adults. But summer camp for adults in the UK. There’s a part of me that wants to give it a try. So I went onto YouTube earlier and had a look at people that were there and the reviews and, man, there’s something about it that I’d love to give it a try. But at the same time, it’s not going to be the summer camp that I remember.

Why I didn’t return for a third summer at Camp America

And that’s part of the second book really, is why it was only to a summer camp, man. It’s a drug. And here I am, nine years later, since going to summer camp myself in here I am in a bus stop in Manchester, talking about summer camp.

But yeah, I’ve got eight magpies here, my wish. My wish… I’ll tell you what I wish for. I know it’s bad luck to tell but its more about bonding with you guys.

I’m going to wish for maybe Rosie to be healthy and happy. Something like that. Rosie to be healthy. I think the happy part would count as a second wish.

In closing: I’m in a good space.

A lot clearer headspace as well.  I say to get yourself into some healthy habits if you aren’t in the right place. Look at what’s not clicking for you at the minute. Meditation is one that’s really honed me in personally. I’m now more grounded and present. And comparing myself to myself and not to others. You should want to be happy for your friends when they are successful. You shouldn’t sat there with envy because they’re doing something that you’re not, or they’ve got something that you don’t have. That was a biggie for me, I used to be on Facebook all the time and I used to see people who were way younger than me were buying a house and I was here struggling having moved miles and miles away from Potters Bar.

But I never considered how they got it, or the backstory that granddad and grandma died and then inheritance went to them, or they won the lottery, or the dad is always in America working his ass off and never sees the kids. You don’t know that. But on Facebook I just saw the glitz of showing off the keys. That took me a while to figure out. So if you are struggling, I’d say compare yourself to yourself. And maybe read Atomic Habits by James Clear, that’s a good book… And also read There’s no place like summer camp – its 51% off!

Alright, guys. I’ll see you in the next episode. I don’t know when it will be. But I’m still around. I’m still alive. I’m still writing. I’m still talking. I need to end the episode. Thanks for tuning in. If you enjoyed this episode, please follow or subscribe wherever you’re listening to. It’s totally free. If you want to check out more about there’s no place like summer camp. Go to theresnoplacelikesummercamp.com

All right, I’m gonna love you and leave you finally, its been a good chat. Peace!

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