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The summer of 2014 was the best of Andrew’s life. It was the year the computer geek took the step out into the world to become an outdoor living specialist through Camp America. Solo traveling 6,000 miles across the globe, he would experience why many call this the best experience of their life.

After months of preparation, Andrew touched down in Atlanta on what would be a rollercoaster of a ride for the summer. A British agnostic geek, volunteering in a Jewish summer camp surrounded by Americans in a foreign land.

The three months in America would soon unravel many stories with the strangers who would become a family. The story of what summer camp is like was all recorded in a first-hand diary which is now being published for all to read. The book provides an incredible insight into the life of summer camp and why so many people return home with a wanderlust to see more from the world.

The book has been designed upon the diary entries made by the author on that date. There’s No Place Like Summer Camp goes beyond simple diary entries with daily ratings, social media updates, and more; in one comprehensive overview of what summer camp is all about.

A Book about VOLUNTEERING WITH Camp America

Experience the journey of a transformation of a computer geek as he ventures out into the Georgia wilderness to become an Outdoor Living Specialist for the summer. The transformation of strangers becoming best friends and a computer geek into an outlandish focus of attention is breath-taking. Sometimes, the best stories are the true ones.

More of a first-hand account rather than a guide, There’s No Place Like Summer Camp will spill the beans on what makes volunteering so awesome.


About the Author

Andrew Waterhouse is a young, up and coming author in the travel industry. Passionate about summer camp and everything it has to offer; Andrew is launching a series of books. Available on eBook, paperback and hardback, There’s No Place Like Summer Camp tells all of the legendary experiences made there.

Andrew ventured across the pond to Atlanta for two incredible summers. A computer science graduate, Andrew bucks the stereotype of a geek by working as an Outdoor Living Specialist. Now living in Manchester, Andrew portrays unique insight into the summer camp lifestyle. His website, www.andrewwaterhouse.com provides much more insight into his projects (which even include a casino website and his own video game!).

Camp America VOLUNTEERING Podcast

There’s No Place Like Summer Camp is available as a podcast too. Each Tuesday, I go through what it’s like to volunteer at a summer camp. I give you a guide and we have a laugh as we deep dive into everything summer camp.

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