When to Apply for Camp America?

We go over the deadlines that you’ll need to meet in order to volunteer at summer camp. There’s more to this than you would have thought!

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When the Deadline is for Camp America?

Ok now, this episode is all about pretty much when the deadline is for submitting that application to Camp America (or other agencies for that matter). But before we begin, there needs to be some context as there’s no ‘one date fits all kind of thing’, instead there are dates, smaller deadlines and that, which you need to follow.

To be able to apply for the programme applicants need to be available to fly to camp between the dates of 1st May and 20th June. This is due to when the majority of camps start and being able to arrive in time complete staff training and orientation. You can enter the earliest date you can depart on your application.

Although all of the camps that we work with have varying programmes and dates, we do ask that all applicants are available to be at camp for a minimum of 9 weeks. This is the typical placement length for most camps but it can be slightly more or less. The longer you’re available the better

—but you can expect to be on camp for around 9 weeks from your camp’s start date once hired. By giving us your earliest start date, we will match you to a camp that has their staff on or after that date so you could depart later than your earliest available date.—-

From Camp america terms and conditions

f) It is your responsibility to ensure your application is completed and relevant documents submitted in a timely manner. We expect that all references, police checks and medical forms will be submitted and deposits paid no later April 1st. Failure to do so may result in cancellation from the programme with no refund given. If you are placed after April 1st, a separate deadline will be communicated to you. Returners will be expected to adhere to deadlines in order to keep their discounted application rate.

a) Programme payments are due 14 days from the date the charge appears on your online Camp America account. You should adhere to deadlines issued via your online Camp America account in order to avoid penalties.

b) You are expected to supply criminal history documentation and medical documentation within 14 days of placement. The final deadline for all documentations is 1st April.

Further deadlines + tax returns

Speaking of deadlines, b) Camp Counselors and Campowers (who hold J-1 visas) are required to file a U.S. Federal income tax return and in certain cases, a State income tax return to satisfy their U.S. income tax liability. If tax has not been deducted by your camp, then participants are required to make their payment to the US tax authorities when submitting their tax return. The deadline for tax payments is January 15th in the following year.

b) The deadline for changing to either a Camp America flight or the Own Transport option is 1st March (note, Camp America flight option is not available for applicants placed in California/Wisconsin). Any changes after this date will be subject to a penalty fee being imposed.

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