The Types of People You Will Meet at Summer Camp

All summer camps have the same sort of recipe. And summer camp is made special by the people who go to it. So here’s a breakdown of the types of people that will be at EVERY summer camp. Here’s a light-hearted look at what types of people you will find at a summer camp. Check the list to see how you fit in!

  • Lifeguards – If your camp has water, it will have lifeguards. You can spot the lifeguards out at any camp. They are those who are the most tanned and exhausted after spending long shifts keeping an eye on if anyone drowns.
  • Musicians – 99% of summer camps will have some form of music at camp. You bet that these will be the cool guys of camp. Their face will be well-known by all while they belt out some crackers that will stick in your head long after you leave summer camp.
  • Sports bods – Parents send their kids to summer camp so they get out and about while in childhood. So summer camps oblige and offer many different sports to appeal to all. Most camps will have a large sports team. You should join in too, what better place to play sports than the blistering heat of America!
  • Counsellors – How it’s taken this long to mention these guys staggers belief! All camps have counsellors, where they escort the kids for the summer and make sure they stay alive for the rest of camp! They have plenty of responsibilities including making sure they stay hygienic, wake up on time and go to all of the incredible activities on offer.
  • Leadership – These are the people who have been to camp for many years. So much so that summer camp becomes part of their DNA. They make sure camp runs without a hitch and do a blommin’ good job of doing so.
  • Security – It’s a weird day and age where we need security personnel at all summer camps but hey that’s the world we live in. These guys will check you in and out of camp. They will also keep the kids/staff inline to make sure everyone has a great time.
  • Kids! – Again, how long did it take to get this one out there!? Kids make every summer camp. There are those who are bleary eyed and new to it all. There are those who have been here years and feel like they run the ship. And then there are the cocky ones. Damn there are always the cocky ones…
  • And finally, the outdoorsy lot – These folk run the campfires, dish out the s’mores and lead the hikes. To some, they are the worst nightmare of camp. To others, they make what summer camp is all about.

All of the above can be broken down further too, like the different nationalities and those who are experienced/inexperienced. But I think that’s conclusive. You will find these people at your summer camp.

Think I’ve missed some essentials from the list? Give me a tweet!┬áIn next week’s episode its Decisions to make before camp. So stay tuned to the blog and the podcast which is available on iTunes.


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