Things Guaranteed to Happen on Every Summer Camp

Hi guys and girls. In this week’s blog we discuss the top things that happen at every summer camp. I’m not talking drama, I’m talking down to earth summer camp fun. So let’s kick it off.


Colour War

Every camp has their one big event that the campers go absolutely nuts for. It may not have the same name as colour war, but its the same premise. The campers divide in to teams for a period of days where they compete in a variety of sports and challenges for points. At the end, the winner is crowned and a huge colour war is the perfect send off for it! The kids and staff will remember these for years to come when harking back to how good summer camp was.

Trips out (white water rafting, theme park)

It’s strange that plenty of the best memories from camp are from outside the bubble. But it’s true! You’ll have such a blast going to cinema trips, bowling, shopping and even theme parks all for free with your campers. And I can bet you there will plenty of time for you staff to get out there and let your hair down!

People who come in for camp for a day, like we had a clown on opening day and a birds lady randomly midway through camp

There will be people that come in and do one or two things foer the camp for one day and then disappear for eternity. It’s strange, but it makes camp so much more wholesome. Whether they be there to teach you something or for entertainment, these guys and girls of America make camp complete. All of the camps have them, so keep an eye out.

The fake celebrities that camp hype up way too much

This is a tongue in cheek comment but all camps will have ‘celebrities’ that… just aren’t celebrities! They will hype them up way too much and you try to Google them and nothing is returned. Sure, there may be a couple of camps that have big AAA stars, but these are few and far between.


I hope you enjoyed this one. I’m sorry that it was shorter than usual.

In next week, we go over the best ways you can welcome campers to your cabin. So counsellors, I’m looking at you!


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