Rules to Bend at Summer Camp

Before I begin, I have to mention the rules that I stand by. And those I don’t mention in this post, I also stand by 100%.

Smoking and alcohol. It’s up to your camp on how they handle this.

Poor performance: Camp are trusting you to do a good job, so make sure you do a good one! Treat this like a job and not a holiday, and you should be fine.

Drugs: Of course this isn’t allowed in camp or out of it. So if you get caught, you can expect your ass on the next flight home.

Abuse: Goes without saying. Either abuse to the kids or any staff members. Like come on, we’re all here to have a good time.

Child protection: Again, goes without saying. The parents are entrusting you with their kid for the summer. So treat them right!


On to the juicy stuff.

Late nights: Each camp will have their own rules and curfew times. But I for one am a night-owl. And boy does it pay dividends if you stay up a little later. You soak in so much more from camp, catching up with all your buddies that you no longer see. You will make such extraordinary relationships with friends that you want to spend every minute with them. So stay up late, because in a few months they will be in their home country.

Phone use: I recommend keeping your phone on you at all times. It helps you keep organised. Whether that be what time it is, when the next event is or just being safe. It also helps for you to capture memories while you live in the summer camp bubble. So capture photos, but don’t go overboard and let the kids see the phone out all the time.

Adding campers on social media: Perhaps a sensitive issue to some. But for those who have been to camp, I’m sure 99% of them have added at least one of their favourite campers to their social media pages. After camp, you just want to know how they are getting on.

Drinks away from camp: Its good to unwind because working at summer camp is by far the hardest job I’ve had. You’ll have a few evenings and days off to spend outside of the camp bubble. And I’d say its a great way to relax. Have a pint or two with your meal or something. Just make sure you don’t come back to camp drunk or hungover. Ibuprofen can be a life saver.

Hook ups: Goes without saying.


Anyway, that wraps up another episode. I hope you enjoyed.

In the next week, we are going over the steps to take to get yo’ ass over to summer camp. I’m sure it will be a good read for those of you who really want to apply now. If you enjoyed this blog post, why not check out the YouTube channel? It hosts all of this and more, in video format! More of a listener? How about the podcast. There’s No Place Like Summer Camp is available on iTunes here.


I’ll see you in a week!



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