Reasons to Stop Procrastinating About Going to Camp

Volunteering at summer camp can be a scary prospect. And for many, it means that they will never get the memories and stories that I once had the privilege to take. So here are some reasons why you should pick yourself up, stop procrastinating and apply for summer camp today.


  • Is it better to stay in your daydreams? – There are plenty of people who ‘dream’ about doing X, doing Y and Z. But, never have the umph to get up and do it. Think to yourself while you read this “am I better to stay where I am now or take a bit of a risk?” If you pondered, you’re probably procrastinating. GO AND APPLY!
  • Parents and dying people all want to have experienced more from life while they could… YOU CAN! – This got dark pretty quick! But think about it, what do people on their deathbeds say? Their dying breath is to advise people to live their life of dreams, go see the world and make a lifetime of memories. So what are you doing sitting here reading this blog?
  • They speak English – Going solo travelling for the first time can be scary, I feel ya! I was there! But, America is awesome. They all speak English and better still, they adore your accent and culture. Being a Brit in USA? Doesn’t get much better than that.
  • People your age – When you work at summer camp, you will be surrounded by young people who are similar to yourself. You will make so many friends its hard to count. Where else can you go and work, make a ton of friends and get paid for it!?
  • Its only a few weeks/months – The volunteering part can be brief (though I don’t suggest looking for camps that are short – you will miss it). But, if its the timescale thats putting you off from going, there are plenty of variants of camp you can apply for. So if it is just a couple of weeks you could spare, there may be a camp out there for you.
  • So much to see in the USA – Travelling after camp is a BLAST. You get 30 days on your J2 visa to explore how you wish. So make the most of it! Go visit Vegas, climb up Empire State Building and sky dive down in Texas. The world USA is your Oyster!
  • You’re hand-held through it all with the programs, no dodginess – The likes of Camp America and Camp Leaders are so trusted. They have loads of experience and they guide you through all the scary stuff. I remember when I was at the U.S. embassy applying for my visa and they checked over all my documents! You’re in safe hands.
  • Loads of others in the same boat as you. Its shocking to see how many new staff camps churn through – And finally, I was somewhat scared of going because I may not make friends. But trust me, you will. There are loads in the same boat as you and it shocked me how many return. It’s such a blast and you won’t regret it.
  • Oh! Lastly, cost – It’s not expensive at all to go work with Camp America. It’s the biggest bargain I’ve ever bought. It cost around £700 for all the application stuff before camp started and then you get paid while out there. Sure, it’s somewhat slave rates but you do make back roughly £500 (depending on skills etc.). All you need is spending money and you’re laughing.

Still scratching your head? Still procrastinating? You’re a tough one. Perhaps my YouTube channel or Podcast will help you out. I’ll see you in a weeks time here when I’m discussing the most popular jobs that camp hire.

See you then!


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