Most Common Jobs at Summer Camp

There are plenty of jobs at camp that summer camps are dying to hire for. So let’s go through the list of the most desired jobs and see how your camp matches up.

Of course, first off its counsellors… All camps have them to some extent. Their job? It’s basically to escort the kids around camp, making sure they attend all of their activities, get up in time, stay clean, eat… The list goes on and on. Counsellors will be worked off their feet 24/7 but by the end of it, will have some really special relationships with their campers.

The lifeguards are the bread and butter of any summer camp too. And the lifeguards do so much more than just watch the waters too. If you’re qualified, why not shoot for the stars and work in sailing, canoeing or even motor-boating for the summer! Not that kind!

Ropes is up next for one of the most hired jobs for summer camp. Abseiling, wall climbing, Jacobs Ladder. Anything to do with ropes? You’re needed. Can you recall any others from your summer camp I’ve missed?

Horse Riding is a biggie for summer camps that are on the higher end of the spectrum. If you have the passion for it, then go ahead and apply to work with your favourite animals for the summer. You will have a blast while teaching too!


Musicians. The world loves ’em and so does camp. Any singers, pianists or guitarists reading this? How about you get your ass to camp and make us do the hokey-pokey.

Drama. Not the kind that gets you into the latest issue of Hello magazine, but performing arts. Volunteer as one of these bad boys and have the parents to look forward to when they see their kid perform!

Now there are plenty of sports that summer camps have but I had to think of just one that would be at 99% of them. I settled on Tennis. It’s a great outdoorsy sport that all of the summer camps will have. Get out there and whack those balls!

What camp wouldn’t be complete without archery? Campers get to mimic their favourite heroes while you (teaching it) look the bees knees. Throw in some fun games like shooting water balloons and you will have the time of your life.

Magic is one specialty that can be a bit mixed. But if you go to camp to teach it, you can blow the others away! Make sure to tell the kids not to reveal the secrets like you just did though!

And finally, lets finish on a special one. The circus. Now not all camps have these, but damn they can be fun. Those who have had circus at camp, let me know on Twitter!

A special mention has to go out to those who work behind the scenes of camp. All camps have them. Whether they maintain the camp, cook, drive or work in an office. A massive shout-out to you.

That’s it for this one. Next week we are going over the rules to bend at camp. I’m sure it will be juicy.


See you in a week,


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