How to Make the Best S’mores at Summer Camp

Smores are an essential of any campfire and summer camp experience. In this short episode, we discuss how to make the best one.

Hello and welcome to there’s no place like summer camp. I’m your host Andrew Waterhouse and in today’s episode we’re taking a look at how to make the best s’more. So come into our tent, and I’ll spill the beans.

Coronavirus Update

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of there’s no place like summer camp I hope you’re doing well on this fantastic Tuesday. I think the weather in the UK recently has been amazing and of course it has been when we’re all in lockdown still, which is a bit of a strange situation to be honest. You know, because the coronavirus is ongoing but we’re told to not stay at home anymore just to stay aware and it doesn’t really feel right still go out. We are in a changing phase at the moment and I hope in a few months we’ll be able to look back on this as just a really weird time that hopefully prepares us better for the future. But anyway, speaking of the coronavirus. There’s no coronavirus update from the summer camp agencies.

we have a new Podcast trailer!

So we’re going to be cracking on straight away with this episode but before I begin, I’d like to just announce that there’s a new trailer for the podcast that’s been created, you may notice it if you’re on Spotify. I think it will actually be on other podcasts, as well so that’s something to talk about. Hopefully it provides a bit more insight into those that are just scrolling through podcasts and want to have a little bit of a taste of what there’s no place like summer camp actually is. Now they can because there’s a trailer.

what is a s’more?

Okay, so in this episode we’re going to be taking a look at s’mores. And first of all, the first question that I have is what is a s’more, because this is something that even though I go on a hell of a load of campouts in the UK through scouts and cubs and that sort of thing. I didn’t really have much of an inkling of what a s’more actually was but when I applied to camp America, and I was told that I was going to be an outdoor living specialist, everyone was like, “Oh my god, you’re gonna be having s’more around the campfire!”  and I didn’t really know what one was until I started googling it.

So what a s’more actually is and if you are new here, I have done two summers of doing camp America. And that was my job, two summers so I think I’m quite experienced now to define what a s’more is. Okay, so a s’more is basically a roasted marshmallow, which is in between two chunks of chocolate, and then two graham crackers, so it’s a massive big sandwich of tasty goodness really so that’s pretty much what a s’more is.

how to make the best s’more

Let’s crack on with the actual recipe for one of these is. So, first of all you need two graham crackers which seems to be a little bit tricky to get in the UK. I’m pretty sure if you do a google online you’ll be able to find some sort of knockoff of a graham cracker but officially you want the official graham cracker brand. And you may be able to find these in like the Tesco American aisle, you know, like in Tescos they have that little section of American goodies… And they seem to be really overpriced for what they are but because they’re official American products sort of thing you don’t mind paying that little bit extra. I think you could find graham crackers here and literally all they are is like a really thin, like graham cracker type of thing is quite sugary.

Now, the best s’more, I would say that you need four chunks of Hershey’s, which is two chunks for each side of the s’more.

Next, of course you need a marshmallow or two if you’re feeling fat and round, and you like to bounce on the ground. Then, of course, need a decent roasting stick and personally I always like to get a stick off the floor, and then use a knife to make some sort of spear out of the stick and you know it’s going to be a clean stick because you’ve literally cut off all the dead wood, and inside you just have literally that your wood. You have to worry about hygiene not that anyone actually cares about hygiene while you’re roasting a marshmallow anyway because obviously it’s burned to the ground.

Of course, without it goes without saying you also need a campfire too. You need to roast the marshmallow until it goes golden brown. Slide the stick into the ground cracker. At the bottom, with the Hershey’s there, and use the top cracker to hold the marshmallow in place, and pull out the stick. And then you can slide in the Hershey’s at the top, which, sounds a bit tricky if it’s just the one person trying to do this but trust me, it can be done. I did this with campers as well.

s’mores OVERview: in closing

So, there it is. That’s pretty much it for this episode guys I’m so sorry that it’s a short one, but let me know whether you would prefer shorter episodes like this, or longer form ones I do like to mix it up. So now we have a trailer for the podcast, I’d really appreciate it if you could follow the podcast on wherever you’re listening, whether it be Spotify or any other podcast platforms. I know personally I listen to quite a few podcasts nowadays and there’s so many different apps that offer different podcasts. And I think it’s only gonna get worse to be honest, I used to always listen to my podcasts through iTunes and apple. But nowadays iTunes is sort of dying because of streaming services like Spotify and Amazon Music and even radio like tune in. They are all cracking places to go and listen to podcasts as well because you know it’s all in one place then, whereas iTunes used to be the go-to destination for music so it’ll be very interesting to see how that changes over time. But, again, I really appreciate a follow a subscription to the podcast and if you are enjoying it please leave a cracking five-star review. Okay, so in next week’s episode, we’re going to be taking a look at when you should apply for camp America or volunteering to summer camps in general. Okay, I’ll see you on Friday. Take care guys

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