How Much are Camp America Treks?

The treks of America are a subset of summer camp that many volunteers like to do. In this episode, we take a look at what Camp America treks are, how much they cost, and whether they are worth booking.

First, what is a trek?

Camp America Treks are pre-organised roadtrips that you book onto in advance. You travel as a group of 13 and you’ll be assigned an awesome trek leader who will be your guide and your driver and will generally take care of getting you from one place to next and ensuring you’re safe and having fun! You’ll be travelling in a cool customised van with 14 seats, wifi, and plenty of roadtrip tunes! Accommodation will vary depending on your trip and most nights you’ll stay somewhere new. They are the perfect and easiest way to see a lot of America in one go and have a variety of trips starting from 3 to 23 days – so there’s bound to be a trek to suit you!

Its all about group travel + if you do Camp America and then Camp America trek, you get a 15% discount on the prices (a bit dodgy though if you ask me).

Camp America Treks: They are paired with Intrepid. And looking at their prices for guidance, it was around £1500 – £7500. Quite a wide range but there’s quite a range of different trips you take. There are 10 treks at the time of recording. And only 4 destinations: Vegas, Los Angeles, New Orleans and New York. There are different durations of the trip, up to 22 days.
They all follow the same structure, you spend a night in one city, move onto the next. Then the next till you’ve done so many places stayed in so many hotels. You’ll have so many Instagram moments + memories.

Specifically, around the prices for these, I couldn’t find a trace of anything. I don’t know if its Corona having an impact on this, but the prices were all not revealed – or they are just expensive and don’t want to promote them.

What about TrekAmerica?

Now, another big player in this is TrekAmerica. In fact, I’d go as far as to say they are bigger than Camp America Treks. They are recommended by other agencies like Camp Leaders and I in fact know 2 people that did these treks themselves.

They have 74 trips on their site and a wide range of treks you can opt to take after your camp ends. The prices are from £329 to £8229 and there’s a ton of difference in the middle.
For instance, the most expensive trip is 60 days long(!). And there are other trips that are 75 days long, almost as long as the camp itself!
There are a ton of destinations with this, 11 I found. And they seem to be better specialised for this type of experience in my opinion. They give you a full breakdown of what you are booking, like how many nights you are staying in tents, how many nights in hotels, which sights you will see and the sort of things you can expect on the trip. They break down each day as there’s a recipe to these sorts of things.

In my opinion, Trek America is the go-to for these trek like experiences. I know the couple that went on this themselves loved it. But personally, I think it is a lot of money and you can have just as much fun, or if not more fun by arranging your own travel with friends from camp. The USA is your oyster!


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