Essentials to Take on the Plane

Welcome one and all to another blog post all about summer camp. In this week, we go over the essentials to take on the flights over to America, and perhaps the return leg too. Also, I have to do a quick shoutout to my new YouTube channel. It’s partnering up with this blog and the podcast. So if you prefer video or audio formats, go check those out! Anyway on with the blog, let’s begin.

So first up its magazines, and I don’t know about you but I like to be entertained on an 8 hour + flight. So I make sure to bring some reading material along with me so I’m not confined to just screens and tech for the trek over. Books would be a good shout for this too. You can crack through a good page-turner in the time it takes to get to America. Did I mention I have a book coming out?

Snaaaccckkkkkssss, hopefully you’ve seen that viral video by now. I love food and can’t go an hour without something to chow down upon. So bring snacks for the flight, just incase that airline food isn’t all its hyped up to be. I’ve also blogged in the past about bringing foods from home to eat while at camp too so check that out if you’re scratching your head on what to eat inside of camp walls.

Water, before camp I wouldn’t say I drank all that much water. My drinking diet would consist of milk and coke. But at camp, it’s a different ball-game. Even on teh flight over you want to have fresh h20 to hand to calm the nerves and uneasy stomachs.

Phone & Charger, it’s going to be a long time since you leave London till you arrive in your summer camp. So make sure you have your phone (of course) but also your charger to hand in your hand luggage. It’s all too easy to forget to have this for the flight and before long, you’re with a dead phone in a foreign country. Pack it with you and you can charge while on the flight and avoid those last minute worries. Perhaps a portable charger is the way forward and don’t forget about those plug adapters!

Blanket, I for one aren’t the type of person that gets cold. I’m warm-blooded which has always been a blessing. Sky-high though, it can be a little nippy. And the perfect way to eat through those hours on the flight is to nap for some of it. I’m sure plenty of airlines offer free blankets to all passengers, but it can be a cool idea to pack your one from home.

Passport and visas, I hate to mention this in every blog post, but people do forget them! How are you even on the flight without these!?

Games can make the flight go by in a breeze. Download a few apps on your phone to help pass the time or bring your DS, Switch or PlayStation Vita for the trek over. As long as you treat your tech right, they should be fine in the camp bubble. You’ll beat that big bad boss in no time.

Music and headphones, this is similar to the games thing in a way. But remember that up in the air you’ll be lucky to get wifi. So download the songs you’d like for the flight over. And of course bring headphones too! Perhaps a podcast or two will help. Did I mention There’s No Place Like Summer Camp has a podcast?

Itinerary, before camp I didn’t know what this word meant. But basically, have some sort of plan of whats going on when you touchdown. Are camp picking you up? Are you checking in to a hotel? Having these plans to hand on the flight can help calm you down while solo-travelling.

In the next blog post, we are talking about why you shouldn’t put off going to summer camp.

I’ll see you then,



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