Essentials to Bring Back from Camp

The 50th episode of There’s No Place Like Summer Camp!! In this episode, we celebrate while discussing the best things to bring back from your time volunteering at summer camp.

In this episode, we’re talking about things you’ll want to bring back from camp. NOT THINGS WE ARE TAKING TO CAMP.

Camp shirt (I have 4): A camp shirt is the holy grail of all momentos from summer camp. They have the blood, sweat, and tears from your time at camp in their DNA. Everyone at camp wears their camp t-shirts like no tomorrow. If you check out our Instagram, you can even see mine which is framed loud and proud in my man cave wall.

Things kids made you:  This can be memories to remind you of your favourite campers. Friendship bracelets are a prime example of a gift you’ll definitely want to bring back with you from summer camp.

Things you got from counsellors + staff: Chad, who’s been mentioned before in the interview with Scott episode is a prime example of swapping things with counsellors + fellow staff. For he swapped his beloved football shirt with his co-worker while she gave him a shirt from her city, Chicago. These are small things to remember the good times with people that you are likely to not see again. And I exchanged pants with one girl!

Memories from camp: One of mine was a piece of rope from rope burn. Which is an activity from colour war (all to be discussed in the book!). To be honest, I think I may have chucked this one out specifically as it stank of smoke when trying to fill my suitcase for my travels after camp. A logical decision, but damn do I wish I kept it now.

Cringe Warning

Now, these final 2 are cringey, but are so true. Just like the post I did to Instagram the other day about ‘this one time at summer camp’ and feeling like the girl from American Pie. Damn, I love those films.

Photos: Remember to take photos of your time in America. you are out there for a long time and you want to remember all the memories you make. What better gift than having the gift of looking back in time to see the incredible memories you made. You can make them your wallpaper background on your PC or phone. Or even use them in some sort of decor in your bedroom perhaps. The more photos, the better.

Social media friends – Now I’m going to refer back to Chad one final time in this blog post as prior to camp, he didn’t have social media. All for him – it’s terrible for your mental health! But by the end of camp, he couldn’t resist. The thought of never seeing how people he grew so close with, in such a short space of time was too much. He caved in and now uses social media to stay in touch with people all around the world. So make sure to use social media in the best way, to stay in contact with incredible friends you’ve made at summer camp.

Listen to this episode below!

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