Drama Bound to Happen at Summer Camp

Coming up this week we take a look at the drama that’s bound to happen at every camp. If you enjoy the blogs, why not check lout the YouTube channel and Podcast, available on iTunes and other platforms. Alright, lets dive right in.

  • Someone will get fired from the off – that one guy you never remember when looking back – There are a few rumours from back in my camp days that someone was fired. Yet, I have no clue who that person was! It’s such a blur those first few days. You know no one and the faces come and go in quickfire. Expect to forget this noob very quickly.
  • At least someone will get fired midway through – This will be the big news of camp that will be all you talk about till you depart your summer camp friends. It’ll be controversial, no one knows the exact details and still hurts to think back to this firing.
  • Some accident will probably happen, it could be a kid or staff – Its a sad fact that there is bound to be some sort of accident while at camp. I recall that on my first year, a camper fell off their bed and cracked their head open! On my second summer, staff got into a pretty bad car crash! Whatever you do, try and stay safe out there <3
  • Someone shags someone and cheats – Now onto the juicy stuff. Someone, whether it be boy or girl will hook up with a summer camp fling. It’s really shit to be on the bad side of this. And it’s bad being the bystander too, you remind the person of who they have at home but they are caught in the moment. But if this happens to you, then do they really care about your relationship? I guess you need trust to send your partner on these adventures. Trust them? Then let them have the time of their life.
  • Someone shags someone for the first time – Virginity is a weird one, but some staff at camp still have theirs. It’s hilarious when you find out that someone popped their cherry, and you will be celebrating like no tomorrow.

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  • Falling outs between bitchy girls – It goes without saying there will be fallings out. Camp doesn’t force friendships to happen and particularly with the girls there are clear divides. They resent someone for the smallest things and can be the most harsh with punishments.
  • Testosterone between boys means there can be a few fights – There will be so much testosterone from all the sports, working out and girls to impress that for the boys this can boil over too. Stay cool dudes.
  • Someone could lose their passport/visa – This is absolutely hilarious when you see it take place. If it happens to you? It’s not the end of the world, camp and your new friends to have your back. You’ll somehow get back in one piece 😉
  • Plenty of you will get pass out drunk, just don’t be the one that gets fired! – No comment.
  • There will be drugs. – America is a weird one, with its 21 alcohol age and all that. And as a result, somehow drugs are more prevalent than they are here in the UK. So expect to see a much stronger presence of these.

Alrighty! that brings to close another week of blogging. Next week things we go through the things guaranteed to happen at every camp in America. It’s less of the drama and more of the camp.

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I’ll see you Tuesday,


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