Coolest Things to Welcome Campers

Arrival of campers at summer camp is a day to behold. In this episode, we cover the best ways to welcome them!

  • Get their names and put up posters
  • Put their names on sticks and have them pull them out
  • Have pre-prepared games to have them get to know you and your co
    • Make fun introductions, like guess some things about me
    • Get to know the campers
  • Kickstart early with a chore board, assigning jobs on a weekly rota kind of thing
  • Let them settle in, helping unpacking all the bags
  • Get to know the faces they don’t know, the new campers especially. The early few days are critical for these guys and girls
  • Fill them in on who you are, play their games they bring
  • If you teach something, be creative and make them a welcome present!

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