7 of the Best British Things to take to American Summer Camp

So, you’re ready. You’ve signed all the paperwork, gone through all the rigmarole of orientation events and have obtained all of the passport papers and visas. What now? Well consider this. Being British in America, you’re going to be adored. Be prepared for that. They fall for your accent out there so it’s time to up your A game. It’s time to show off some items from home to be a verified Brit and bring your culture to camp.


Best British Things to Take to Camp America

  1. Taking Dairy Milk would be my number one tip for any budding volunteer in American Summer Camps. The standard of chocolate out there is lacklustre with a bitter tasting Hershey’s the only real comparable plain chocolate bar out there. Dairy Milk shows the Americans what chocolate should taste like. Take tons of the stuff. I don’t believe (or I never had a problem with) taking like £25 worth of sweets and chocolate to America both times I worked out there so don’t hold back! The number one UK chocolate bar will be the ‘black market currency’ before too long and it will help all of you get through the rough patches you are bound to have through your 3 month stay too.
  2. Stamps, just a couple of them will do. They’re somewhat of a collectors item to those who have never been to the UK before. Be prepared for being asked if you ‘have seen the queen’ while they explore what a stamp has to offer!
  3. I always took my driving licence. Hold your horses before you scream ‘it’s a risk if you lose it!’. I understand that a UK driving licence may not always work as ID for obtaining age restricted products like alcohol on your days off or travelling. While this form of ID can be a bit unreliable, it can be the backup to your passport if anything does go awry. If you were to lose your passport for instance, this could be a good piece of identification to prove who you are to the authorities. Camp-wise, bringing your driving licence also has its place. You can get them out and share what your newly found friends licences look like from all over the globe!
  4. Some say money makes the world go around. So bring some British dosh! It’s going to be an essential anyway when you have time to kill in Heathrow or when you land and need a taxi back home anyway. Making sure you have British Sterling to hand is always handy and you can put it in your suitcase while you’re out there. Comparing different countries notes and coinage will entertain everyone – who knew New Zealand has plastic notes!
  5. Football is the bread and butter of British sport. You can’t really avoid it on a weekend or when the big international tournaments are underway while you are out at camp. So show your colours, wear your teams shirt! Americans who are slowly embracing the world of ‘soccer’ (eugh!) will love to keep your shirt as a momento when you head back to the UK. So be sure to wear your England shirts during the World Cup and wear your team of choice shirt for day to day activities. Heck, it also doubles up well as a sports top to use in all the exercise you are bound to do!
  6. Take your favourite candy. Out in the bubble of American Summer Camp, you’re going to get cravings that Walmart just cannot satisfy. Ok that sounded weird! Seriously though, take your favourite sweet. It’ll boost your morale and you can share with others and convert people in to the ‘milk bottle lovers’ like yourself. Ok, maybe that’s not a good thing – they’re all mine!!!
  7. To wrap it up, take your flag. No matter from where you are from. It will quickly become apparent that you’re encouraged to make the place your own. You can decorate the walls how you please for the summer, so take your flag! Pin it up on the walls so anyone who enters your cabin knows exactly where your bed lies.

I think that’s pretty much covered it for the Best British things you can take to American Summer Camp. If you are from a different country, this should also work for you and provide an idea of cool things you can show off to fellow staff and kids. If you have any other ideas that you think I missed out on, feel free to leave a comment below.

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