6 Top Places to go on Evenings off in Camp America

Ideas for evenings off when at Summer Camp

Finally, the big day of the week arrives where you have an evening to relax and make full use of the free transport that camp provides for your evening off. But where is the best places to go? We are here to help guide you through some of the best places we experienced in our evenings off to make that week get that little bit better.

6 Top Places to go on Evenings off in American Summer Camps

  • Cinema – A golden favourite that is cheap, cheerful and a right laugh when your camp takes up the majority of the seats for that evening. You invade like a swarm of bees to a flower to see the latest and greatest films out this summer. Going to the movies is an easy way to spend the evening off and you could expect to go 5+ times in the summer if you are able to haggle extra evenings off! Just don’t try their butter popcorn..
  • Outlets – Personally, I’m not used to shopping in overly extravagant places but America is choc-a-bloc full of outlets where shops apparently sell off things for cheap. These tend to be brands that are way above the typical ‘pop down to Primark’ so wouldn’t usually make me all too excited. But, when you consider how cheap the dollar is, you can walk away with some pretty trendy kit that is around half the price of what you find back in the UK
  • Bowling – An easy one really, only ideal if it is close to your camp so you’re not wasting vast amounts of your evening off travelling. It’s sure to be a laugh as you let off some steam with fellow staffmates while you get humiliated with a low score.
  • Drinks – A bit of a sketchy area this and boils down to the rules of the particular camp you go to. Some allow you to get plastered as ‘its your time off’ while others could fire you for returning back to camp drunk, even if you are entitled to just go to bed. Casual drinks though (as long as you can handle it) usually goes down well with any time off you get though. Most American Summer Camps don’t allow drink on site.
  • Food – This comes part and parcel of most trips you’ll have out of camp to be honest. I for one, experienced many other different types of foods that I wasn’t accustom to because of the cultures I met at summer camp.
  • Walmart – The BIG-DADDY of them all. You will never know how exciting it is to go to Walmart till you have experienced life at an American Summer Camp. Even if you don’t need anything, you can bet that you’ll be signing up to every trip to Walmart you can. Expect to easily spend $100 in the titanic monster of a supermarket. You’ll love it there.

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Can you think of any other places that are a great crack when you go away on an evening off? Let me know in the comments! Want to know more about American Summer Camp life as a member of staff? How about you check out my book page where you can find similar articles and a couple of links to buy the book which is out now at Amazon and all leading retailers.

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