6 of the Best Summer Camp Merchandise on the Web

Summer camp has come to an end and here we are missing it. I’m here to spill the beans as to what makes the cut when it comes to summer camp merchandise. Of course, ideally you’d like summer camp merchandise that has something to do with the camp you went to, so let’s begin there…

  1. T Shirts – These are the cream of the crop when it comes to summer camp. Everyone has one and they always keep them from years gone by. So why not check out your official camp’s store and see if they have any for sale. You will be representing your camp while also looking bad-ass. Camp America and Camp Leaders also have their own stores, so perhaps check there if you wish to purchase one of theirs.
  2. Hats/caps – Again you can rock these bad boys off while also representing your home away from home. Summer camp is a special place and what better than to look cool while doing it.
  3. Bags  – There are all sorts of bags that camps sell, whether that be sporty type, outdoorsy type or in some cases, suitcases! You could get one for any occasions and the money would be helping your camp out too.
  4. Paracord – Campers love to make paracord braclets and what better to buy some for yourself at home. Learn how to do them using YouTube tutorials and make your own. It will bring back those glory days from camp or, turn up and show the campers how to do them for themselves.
  5. Photo – With a photo, the limits are only your imagination. You can get them printed on to anything these days whether it be a poster, bedding, coasters. You name it, you can put your photo on to it. So cherish those amazing camp memories by immortalising them into something physical.
  6. PJs – We started with clothes, there was clothes midway through and we are ending with more clothes. PJ’s are a great way of making your camp memories amazing. Get your camp logo onto a set of these and snuggle up into bed while remembering how good camp was.

Wrapping up the best American Summer Camp Merchandise

As mentioned in the podcast, I will more than likely revisit this list at some point. It’s by no means comprehensive but it does give you some ideas to play around with. If you enjoyed this list, perhaps you will enjoy my book. It’s called There’s No Place Like Summer Camp and is the diary I kept over the first year of Camp America. It’s entertaining, NSFW and fills a wanderlust hole too. So go check it out if you like, available here and will be on Amazon etc in coming months.


I’ll see you in the new year!


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